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Psycho-social support - 2 hours @£13, 1 day @£54

Millions of Ukrainian women and children fleeing from war have experienced severe trauma. The need for psychological and social support is immense. JOA is funding a pioneering programme that employs Ukrainian refugees to provide psycho-social support to their compatriots in Western Ukraine and Eastern Slovakia.
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Open Trauma Kit

Trauma Kits for Frontline Medics - £86.40

This money will enable deliveries of individual First-Aid Kits for frontline medics in Ukraine, a life-saving kit used to staunch bleeding of those wounded during attacks by Russian Forces. The kits include bandages, haemostatics and tourniquets.
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Landmine Clearance Equipment - £172.80

This donation will enable Crown Agents to procure and deliver one piece of anti-personal landmine clearance equipment to Ukraine, helping clear areas and make them safe for people to return to their homes. The States Emergency Services of Ukraine also need more trained personnel.
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Maternity bags - £960

UK based charity, Baby Lifeline, are shipping their award-winning out-of-hospital birth bags into Ukraine to address the risk posed to expectant mothers unable to access maternity wards or medical facilities due to the conflict.
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Protective vests and helmets for paramedics - £1220.40

Ballistic (bullet-proof) vests and helmets are vitally needed to support doctors’ lifesaving work in the besieged cities. Crown Agents are excellently placed to ensure the kit is up to spec and to navigate the complicated export licenses and logistics required to get them into Ukraine.
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Mine clearance training - £3000

There is a large amount of unexploded ordnance as well as abandoned ammunition and damaged military hardware throughout Ukraine that poses a real threat to life. The charity Friends of Ukraine-EOD is providing training in mine clearance to reduce the risk of death.
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Portable Pre-term Baby Incubator - £11250

Highly mobile and robust incubators are urgently required for vulnerable new-born infants. Many women have been unable to access medical facilities, while shelling and trauma can induce premature labour. These incubators provide essential care for premature babies in highly challenging environments.
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