How does Side by Side work with the Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal?

All donations to Side by Side will be channelled into the Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal fund. As Side by Side are a registered charity, all donations of £50 or more are eligible for tax relief, meaning £1 will be worth £1.25 to the appeal.

How does Side by Side work with JOA?

All funding received from The Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal and Side by Side will be distributed by the Island’s official aid agency, Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA). JOA will ensure that the funds are directed to the agencies and locations where they will have the most impact and will ensure the funds are properly accounted for.

JOA is staffed by experienced aid workers who have worked for various international organisations, including the UN. Through their network of humanitarian agencies and regular briefings, JOA will identify where funds are best spent and distribute funds rapidly. All partner organisations have gone through rigorous due diligence procedures.

For up to date information about how the funding has been allocated, please see the dashboard on this page.

How will the money be used?

Key recipients of the money collected will include the Red Cross, Caritas and UNHCR (the UN’s refugee agency). JOA is in daily contact with its humanitarian partner agencies, including those still based in Ukraine, to determine the most effective ways to channel the Island’s generosity. 

Some examples of how the funds will be used are:

  • In support of health facilities, the provision of medical equipment and food as well as reuniting separated families.
  • To provide timely lifesaving multisectoral assistance to displaced and non-displaced persons, who are affected by the escalation of hostilities.
  • To protect conflict-affected people and civilian infrastructure regarding international humanitarian law, norms, and standards. 
  • To support provision of basic services in areas impacted by the escalation of hostilities.
  • To support vulnerable people, including unaccompanied minors, single women with children, elderly, and people with disabilities. 
  • To build the capacity of humanitarian teams in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to bolster locally led humanitarian action.
  • To support governments in their response to a refugee influx through the provision of core relief items and unrestricted cash grants.

For up to date information about how the funding has been allocated, please see the dashboard on this page.

When will the money be spent?

With the situation in Ukraine deteriorating rapidly and the number fleeing the country rising hourly, funds will be disbursed as and when they are available.

How do I find my TIN (Tax Identification Number) for tax reclaims on donations?

Your TIN number can be found on the top right corner of any recent correspondence you've had from Revenue Jersey, such as your ITIS rate notice. It might also be shown on your payslip.

The format is 10 numbers and will look a bit like this: eg 100-XXX-XXXX

Can't find it? You can contact Revenue Jersey to ask for it - contact details and more information about TIN can be found on the gov.je website here.

Is the Bailiff's Ukraine Appeal still collecting donations

Yes, as long as there is a need to support our Ukrainian neighbours, the Appeal will remain open. Jersey Overseas Aid will continue to be responsible for ensuring that any donations received are channelled to where the needs are greatest. Side by Side remains open to receiving public donations to the Appeal.